How the Make the Perfect Cup of Black Coffee

Black coffee is an acquired taste. But just like beer and wine, once you’ve acquired it, you want more. It’s time to try your coffee without the unhealthy additives that get in the way of the real flavour.

Because, as it turns out, the taste of great coffee is masked by milk and sugar. Here is why you should try the coffee itself before adding any flavours.

Why Do People Drink Black Coffee?

Many people like their coffee black because of its strong taste and smell. Aside from those reasons, one of the primary sell factors of black coffee is its zero sugar content. People prefer black over other coffee choices because sugary coffee poses a bit of a health issue.

According to Statistic Brain, about 35% of coffee drinkers in the United States prefer their coffee black. That is an equivalent of 35 million out of the 100 million people in the US alone.

Below are some scientific reasons why coffee drinkers prefer black over anything.

  • Drinking black coffee is proven to improve your liver condition. According to research, people who consume four or more cups of black coffee a day have an 80% lower rate of having liver cirrhosis. People who drink this same amount of coffee have a 40% lower rate of developing liver cancer.
  • Caffeine is a natural psychoactive stimulant. Once the caffeine enters our system, it will enter the digestive tract, into the bloodstream, and eventually to the brain. It will boost your mood, energy, memory, and overall cognitive functioning.
  •  Black coffee intake can boost metabolism by 11%. Caffeine is one of the few substances that are ever associated with burning fat. Therefore, it is a good choice of drink for those who are trying to lose weight.
  • People who drink four or more cups of black coffee daily have a 20% lower chance of experiencing depression. And over 50% of coffee drinkers are less likely to commit suicide.

Brewing a perfect cup of black coffee is a form of art. Although drinking coffee without extras (sugar, milk or cream) can be an acquired taste, it has its benefits. It allows the coffee drinker to focus on the full-bodied flavor of freshly roasted beans.

Black coffee is conventionally made in a pot, although some baristas and modern coffee connoisseurs may insist on using the machine and the pour-over method for the best possible flavor.

Here is how you make a great black coffee that will suit your taste.

1. Choose fresh quality coffee

Great coffee starts with choosing the right beans. The quality and flavour of your coffee do not depend solely on its brewing process but also on the type of coffee you select. It is the easiest and most noticeable way to improve the taste of your black coffee.

We recommend getting fresh, medium roast coffee beans. Choose high quality and recently roasted beans with a very smooth nuanced flavor,

Try to avoid supermarket-bought coffee. Most coffee beans available in the supermarket are low quality, in addition to being stale.

If you cannot purchase coffee beans directly from a local roaster within a week of them being roasted, settle for a vacuum-sealed bag. Make sure to buy from a reputable national coffee-bean roaster. When choosing beans, try to buy the lightest roast available.

2. Grind your beans 

Do it daily in a burr or blade grinder right before brewing. The type of grinder you use matters. When considering buying a grinder, choose burr grinds as they provide the most even grinding. However, burr grinders are much more expensive than small blade grinders. If you have a blade grinder available, rock it several times during the grinding process. It will help to produce more even grounds.

Try out different-sized coffee grounds. The finer the grounds, the more flavor you will get from them. Take note that finer grounds can result in a more bitter brew.

3. Use good water