RSA + RSG + Barista Package

RSA + RSG + Barista Course

15.5 hrs face-to-face training session.


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No prior experience needed

We offer same day certificate

The Ultimate Hospitality Training Package

Ready to start work in the hospitality industry? Our bundled RSA / RSG / Barista Course Australia will give you the accredited qualifications and know-how to work in the liquor and gaming industries, as well as make an impressive cup of coffee. 

The experienced trainers deliver these comprehensive courses from Barista Courses Australia, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) across a range of convenient locations across the country, and even better, you’ll save a bundle when you buy them as a package.

  • Course Codes
  • – SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible service of alcohol
  • – SITHGAM022 – Provide responsible gambling services
  • – SITHFAB025 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • – SITXFSA005 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

RSA / RSG / Barista Course Australia

Barista Courses Australia will make your responsible service of alcohol training, responsible gambling services training and barista training educational, simple and fun. Whether you want to work in bars, casinos, pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants or even airlines, we’ll equip you with both the theory, practical skills and training required to jump straight into work in hospitality.

Completing your RSA / RSG course and Barista training with Barista Courses Australia is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Our combined package means extra value with discounts across all three courses. We offer face-to-face training in a range of metropolitan and regional locations. You can even do some online training.

Learn the theory and practice your skills under the careful instruction of our professional trainers, who will instruct you in the necessary legislation and best practices of RSA / RSG training and Barista work.

Your training will be tailored to the specific regulations in your state or territory. 

Please note: in New South Wales only, the gambling unit of competency is referred to as Responsible conduct of gambling (RCG). Wherever you see the term RSG or Responsible gambling services on this page, this includes the RCG.

Following successful completion of your bundled Barista / RSA / RSG course Australia, you will receive a statement of attainment for each unit on the same day, which means you can start applying for the jobs you want. Study today, work tonight! 

Barista Courses Australia is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and we only conduct 100% government-approved training. Get the full suites of qualifications you need to find your dream job today for just.

What do you learn in RSA Course?

  • What is a standard drink?
  • Undertake responsible service of alcohol
  • Assist customers in a professional manner with drinking responsibly
  • Understand your state or territory legislation around responsible drinking
  • Alcohol’s properties
  • How to promptly identify situations that may be an issue
  • Essential conflict resolution skills
  • Various stages and signs of intoxication
  • House policy and legal requirements
  • Assess alcohol-affected customers and take appropriate action
  • How to recognise the customer’s physical state
  • How to refuse service of alcohol

What do you learn in RSG Course?

  • Implement responsible gambling practices
  • Understand what is meant my responsible conduct
  • How to address indications of problem gambling
  • Follow responsible gambling policies according to state legislation
  • Maintain records of gambling-related incidents 
  • Provide accurate and appropriate information on support services to customers
  • Work according to