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RSA/RSG Course Package

RSA + RSG Course

10.5 hrs face to face

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No prior experience needed

Certificate of completion


This combined RSA / RSG Course Package will give you the skills and statement of attainments you will need to gain employment in Australia’s liquor and gaming industry.

RSA / RSG Course

Barista Courses Australia is a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation. Besides barista training, we also offer RSA and RSG / RCG courses in various locations around the country. We provide competitive prices and up-to-date knowledge with experienced trainers too. You can take our RSA course online or RSG / RCG course online at a time that suits you for additional convenience.

Grab our RSA / RSG package and get a great discount off the total price of both courses. 

Upon completing the training requirements for your RSG Course and RSA Course, you will understand the principles behind responsible service of alcohol and gaming, have a working knowledge of liquor and gaming regulations for your relevant state or territory, meet industry guidelines to work within either one of the industries.

SITHFAB021, Provide responsible service of alcohol – RSA training – and SITHGAM022, Provide responsible gambling services training – RSG training – can be delivered only by a registered training organisation like Barista Courses Australia.

What will I learn in RSA training?

  • What is a standard drink, appropriate limits and the correct way to serve standard drinks
  • How to serve alcohol responsibly, and duty of care 
  • What it means to drink within appropriate limits
  • Help patrons drink responsibly and be able to identify their physical state when assessing intoxication levels
  • Legislation and regulations relevant to your state or territory that deal with the responsible service of alcohol
  • How to interact with and assess alcohol affected customers
  • Basic alcohol properties
  • Conflict resolution skills and how to take appropriate action in a difficult situation
  • The signs and stages of intoxication and how to recognise erratic drinking patterns
  • How to refuse service of alcohol and document correctly

What will l learn in an RSG Course?

  • How to understand responsible gambling policies and implement responsible gambling practices
  • How to monitor customer behaviour and respond to indications of problem gambling according to industry requirements in a professional manner
  • Follow responsible gambling service procedures according to state and territory legislation
  • Follow industry and organisational policy and codes of conduct and uphold professional standards
  • How to maintain accurate records of gambling-related incidents and the associated staff actions according to industry standards and organisation policy
  • Display accurate and appropriate information related to responsible gambling in appropriate places according to industry, organisational and legislative requirements
  • Deal discreetly with customers who require assistance with gambling problems or request self-exclusion and understand the available support services

Why should I get an RSA and an RSG together?

If you plan to work in an establishment that sells and supplies alcohol or offers gambling on the premises, you will need certification. 

In most states in Australia, the Provide responsible service of gambling (RSG) certificate is required for working with gambling and the Provide responsible alcohol service (RSA) when working in liquor sales. 

The exceptions are New South Wales, where the gambling certification required is called Provide responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) and Western Australia, where no accredited training is required to work in gambling (however, Western Australian staff are still welcome and encouraged to undertake the RSG course).

This training package provides an understanding of how to give information on concerns regarding drinking and gambling risks to customers, as well as teaching skills needed for providing safe and responsible services in venues that sell drinks containing alcohol and provide gambling opportunities.

Obtaining both an RSA and RSG / RCG certificate will assist when it comes to getting employed in the hospitality industry, where alcohol service and gambling laws can be pretty tough. Venue managers are always on the lookout for food and beverage attendants, gaming attendants, packaged liquor salespersons, sales personnel, and other appropriate personnel who have already completed their RSA course and RSG qualifications. 

Both the responsible gambling services and responsible service of alcohol training can do online.

Why do I need an RSA / RSG qualification?

There are regulations surrounding responsible gambling services and responsible service of alcohol training in all states of Australia, so it’s definitely in your best interest to understand these regulations and know how to operate legally within them at work. 

Upon successful completion of your training, you will receive a statement of attainment for both courses, which many employers will need to view before hiring you.

Can I transfer my RSA / RSG qualifications between States in Australia?

The RSA training certificate you will receive upon successful completion of the course is nationally recognised and can be used across the country, although in some states there will be additional requirements added. You may have to undertake refresher or bridging courses in ACT, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. In addition, your RSA is only valid in Queensland or Victoria if it was undertaken within the last three years. In New South Wales, you will also be required to pay for a competency card.

The RSG training and certification on offer with Barista Courses Australia is transferable between all states and territories except for New South Wales, which requires a Provide responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) certificate. In Western Australia, no accredited training is needed to work in gambling. It may help to investigate the website of the relevant state or territory Australian government department where you wish to undertake your in-person or online courses, as each state or territory legislation can be quite different.

There are so many gambling and alcohol training courses out there. Which course should I do?

There are two accredited courses accepted as valid for work in the industry. They are the SITHFAB021, Provide responsible service of alcohol and SITHGAM022, Provide responsible gambling services (or Provide responsible conduct of gambling – RCG). If you see any alcohol or gaming services course (particularly a cheap introductory course) that does not carry these codes, it’s not an accredited gambling or alcohol training certificate course and won’t help you with employment.

You will receive your VET Statement of Attainment as soon as you successfully complete the training. All state and territory legislation requires that licenced or gaming venues obtain acceptable proof of responsible alcohol services and gambling services training, except for Western Australia, which does not have any organisational or house requirements around gambling qualification.

When will my RSA / RSG expire?

The states and territories all have different rules on this one.

For RSA certificates

In Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, RSA certificates may not expire as such. However, licensees and staff subject to mandatory RSA requirements will most likely need to complete refresher training every three years. 

Under current South Australian, Queensland, Western Australian and Tasmanian legislation, your RSA does not have an expiry date.

For RSG certificates:

In Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and the Northern Territory, either the certificate will expire, or you will need to complete a refresher course every three years. 

Under current Queensland, Western Australian, Tasmanian and Northern Territory legislation, your RSG does not have an expiry date.

Is there any difference in content between the bundled courses and the individual courses?

None at all.

Packaging the RSA Course and RSG / RCG Course together makes sense because many licensed premises also offer gambling services. You’ll receive the same RSA + RSG course content that you would get if you took the courses individually.

Can I do RSA / RSG online?

You sure can. Barista Courses Australia offers online training for a range of courses. However, you will need to note that online RSG certification is only accepted in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. Other states require you to do your course face to face and in New South Wales you will also need to buy a photo competency card.

Why should I choose Barista Courses Australia for my training?

Quite simply, our courses will get you where you need to go. Barista Courses Australia is a registered training organisation always specialised in delivering training for the hospitality industry – both in-person and online. Our courses are educational, flexible, based on real-world training and most of all, fun to do!

What is a VET Statement of Attainment?

A Vocational Education and Training Statement of Attainment is given to a person who has satisfied the requirements of a unit of competency or modules on a course. These can only be issued by registered training organisations such as Barista Courses Australia. You’ll get your statement of attainment from us on the same day you finish the course, so there’s no waiting time at all!

Are international students eligible for RSA and RSG courses?

Absolutely. This training is available to all Australian and overseas students – as long as you’re here on a student visa. 

How long does a combined RSA / RSG course take?

At Barista Courses Australia, we offer training that is crafted around the regulations for each state and territory’s legislation. 

You’ll leave our courses with everything you need to provide responsible gambling services to the public and responsible service of alcohol. You’ll find our prices very competitive, too.

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