RSG Course: Provide responsible gambling services

SITHGAM022 - Provide responsible gambling services

Pre-course online reading and quiz in your own time, followed by a 6 hour face-to-face training session.


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No prior experience needed

We offer same day certificate

Our comprehensive RSG Course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to work within the gaming industry and provide gambling services to patrons.

RSG Course

Barista Courses Australia is a registered training organisation that provides you with everything you need for your SITHGAM022, Provide responsible gambling services training. With competitive prices, experienced trainers, convenient locations near you and online training options, we make it easy and affordable to complete your training.

Upon successful completion of your RSG Course, you will understand the principles behind the responsible service of gambling, have a solid knowledge of liquor and gaming regulations, meet industry and licencing requirements to work within the gaming industry and provide gambling services to the public.

Our RSG training is prepared and delivered according to the specific regulations of each state and territory, which can differ significantly. The official SITHGAM022, Provide responsible gambling services training may only be delivered by registered training organisations such as Barista Courses Australia.

What do I learn in the RSG Course?

  • Implement responsible gambling practices and responsible conduct
  • Respond to indications of problem gambling
  • Follow responsible gambling policies according to state legislation and industry and your organisation’s procedures
  • Maintain accurate records of gambling-related incidents and staff actions according to industry standards
  • Provide accurate and appropriate information on support services according to confidentiality and privacy requirements and legislative, industry and organisational requirements
  • Display information related to responsible gambling in appropriate places according to industry, organisational and legislative requirements
  • Deal discreetly with customers identifying problems with gambling or requesting self-exclusion.

What is an RSG Certificate?

If you plan to work in an establishment that offers gambling, you need a statement of attainment. In New South Wales, the mandatory certification required is Undertake responsible conduct of gambling (RCG). In all other Australian states and territories, Provide responsible gambling services (RSG) certificate is the recognised qualification.

Our training packages will provide the knowledge and skills needed for providing responsible service of gambling to customers and patrons safely and legally. You’ll also learn how to provide information to customers who require assistance with gambling problems, and receive your statement of attainment the same day.

Getting an RSG / RCG certificate is an excellent way to gain employment quickly in the hospitality industry, as gambling laws are strict. These training certificates for gaming managers or employees may be required at any venue where staff service gambling patrons. Even if these certifications don’t help you earn higher wages, they will still give your resume some extra mileage when applying for jobs at venues that require it – and those are most of them!

Note: It is likely that if you are seeking responsible service of gambling, you will also benefit from alcohol services training in the form of a Responsible service of alcohol certificate (RSA course). Both the Responsible gambling services and Responsible service of alcohol training can be conducted as online courses with Barista Courses Australia with a statement of attainment provided on the same day. 

Why do I need an RSG Certificate?

The State governments of Australia all have different regulations surrounding the responsible gambling services course in the hospitality industry.

Many states don’t require you to be certified in Provide responsible gambling services until after you start the job. However, it is worth doing RSG / RCG training off your own back before applying for a related job in the industry. Many