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Jobs As A Barista

Jobs as Barista

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How To Get A Job As A Barista With No Experience

How can you train as a barista without experience in the industry? You can take a shortcut in the form of a Skills Training College Barista Course that will pay off once you have completed the 5.5-hour basic barista course. The STC barista course will set you back $149 and be completed in one day.

There are only so many jobs you can spend one day prepping and learning all the skills you will need to enter a job you have not previously had any experience. Even if you have no experience, you can get a job as a barista, provided you are a fast learner, pay attention to detail, and you can problem-solve. You also need to have natural people skills and maintain a positive and friendly vibe under pressure and in a fast-paced industry. It helps if you have the energy levels of the Energiser Bunny and can keep going and going and going, all while on your feet!

Training and certification provide valuable knowledge and skills and shows potential employers that you have solid qualifications and a genuine interest in entering the barista industry. Additionally, the ability to maintain your composure and temper, and demonstrate patience and professionalism, even if customers are rude, can be a challenge. You will require physical and mental stamina to handle customers’ demands during peak trading hours. A great sense of humour is also an asset.

Barista Jobs Near Me

There are multiple means of finding work in the barista field. Jobsites like Jora, Indeed, and Seek are but a few in Australia that regularly post vacant position ads for baristas. No experience barista jobs are often displayed in the coffee house or café window, and inquiring about the wanted job might be all it takes to get it, at least get yourself shortlisted.

Barista jobs on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland are routine advertisements in the local papers, across social media, and online with the store or café in question. The warm summer sun sees Queenslanders outside from as early as 0430 to as late as … well, 0430 from the day before. They like to party hard and need that first shot of coffee when the sun rises!

Barista Jobs

Barista Trainee Jobs

The job of any barista, from expert to trainee, is to prepare, make and serve coffee-based drinks. Baristas typically work in coffeehouses, cafés, and restaurants. Baristas combine their love of coffee with the thrill of working in a fast-paced customer service role. Barista trainee jobs are not suited to people who are naturally slow-moving mentally or physically or are easily stressed under pressure. Much like the coffee addicts they serve, baristas require a constant buzz energy and a ready smile. If you don’t like working with people, and you don’t like people making weird requests that modify traditional coffee styles with a range of ‘milk’ that is not milk, then you might struggle to do well in this vocation. Barista job requirements involve the following.

Tasks And Duties Of A Trainee Barista

  • Understanding coffee and coffee-making techniques.
  • Making coffee and other coffee-based drinks.
  • Keeping equipment clean and operating.
  • Educating customers on coffee
  • Training in using all equipment to ensure the coffee-making standards are always high.

Coffee Brewing Styles

Just as there are different types of coffee, there are also different coffee brewing styles. Each style is designed to bring a specific flavour or strength to the drink, and often different drink types, like Turkish or Espresso, will use their own brewing style to master their unique flavours. Some common coffee brewing types include:

  • Espresso
  • Ristretto
  • Drip
  • Cold Brew
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese 
Jobs as a barista

Ways To Land A Job As A Barista

Ask! If you visit a coffee house regularly and see a need for more staff or they are advertising for a position, making a direct inquiry to the manager on shift will result in getting the answers you seek. It may be as simple as handing them a resume when you get your next coffee or requiring you to log onto their website and fill out their dedicated job application form.

Often, it is not what you know, but who you know, that gets you a foot in the door for any job. 

Network with your friends and ask them if they know of or see any jobs advertised for baristas. Not all cafés have marketing budgets or the time to spend going over hundreds of applications. Smaller businesses might opt to go with the traditional sign in the window. This option works because the position has not been filled, the owner can quickly assess if you would be a good fit for their business, and you can typically start immediately or the next day.

Stand Out With A Barista Course

Registered Training Organisations deliver industry-leading accredited training programs. Skills Training College provides expert instructors who are leaders in the barista industry. Our skilled trainers welcome questions and love to watch the transformation of their students from novice to competent workforce-ready employees in only one day!

Taking a nationally accredited RTO-delivered barista course tells your potential employer that you took the initiative to learn the skills you need before applying for the job. Your skills are newly acquired, so you will remember your training and be primed to put it to good use and gain practical experience.

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