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How to Make a Latte like a Professional Barista

Lattes are the ‘comfort food’ of the beverage world. They are warm, silky, aromatic, and help anyone feel recharged and ready to take on their daily tasks. In the wintertime especially, our energy levels plummet, and we need a coffee fix to make it the day. Learning to make a good latte can make a huge difference in keeping you comforted and revitalized. Lattes are light and airy espresso-based drinks with froth milk on top. With

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How to Make the Perfect Cappuccino

The cappuccino is, without doubt, one of the most iconic espresso-based drinks of all time. It is known for its velvety, rich foam milk on top. How to make the perfect cappuccino is a skill all baristas must have. The cappuccino is a staple in many coffee shops and cafes not only in Australia but all over the world. Contrary to what others think, a cappuccino is not the same as a latte. Although their

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The Ultimate Guide to Become a Professional Barista in Australia

Did you know that 75% of Australians have at least one cup of coffee a day? Nowadays, trendy shops and cafes have become the place to be. It comes as no surprise that the interest in working in or owning coffee shops has hit the roof. The hospitality industry offers job opportunities for those looking to work in cafes or coffee houses. Many local and international students find the coffee industry the best one to work

Barista with No Experience

Barista Tips for Beginners: How to Become a Barista with No Experience

The appeal of working in a coffee shop attracts many people across all age ranges. There’s the café ambiance, the lightning, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and the hip co-workers. Who hasn’t dreamt of working as a barista? Being a barista is a solid career choice for anyone with a passion for coffee and coffee-making. It is a rewarding but sometimes challenging job. There is a steep learning curve when you are starting