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Barista Course

Barista Course Training

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Barista Training In Brisbane

Are you looking for a barista course in Brisbane? Look no further than the Skills Training College’s Nationally Recognised Barista Course Brisbane. Skills Training College is an accredited Registered Training Organisation. We conduct fully certified barista courses in a variety of locations across Australia.

With the increasing number of cafés and coffee houses springing up across Australia, you can understand the demand for great coffee over the counter has reached an all-time high. Have you realised that it is not only the coffee but the barista that makes the coffee so special? Great! We have fantastic news for you. You too, can become that fantastic barista everyone lines up before to create their heavenly cup-of-joe or cosmic coffee combinations. From a simple flat white to a cold brewed coffee, we teach you everything you need to know and more!

Consider gaining your official accreditation as a barista with a Skills Training College Barista Course!

Every professional reaches that position by learning the same skills they are keen to teach you. Whether for personal use to surprise your family and friends or to gain employment, taking a professional barista course to become a professional Barista has never been easier or cheaper.

What Is The Course About

What Is A Barista Course

A barista course is the formal training given by an accredited RTO that qualifies participants to make a range of professional-level coffees. Making the perfect cup of coffee takes skills, practice, and know-how. STC barista courses have expert baristas who teach their students all the skills to enter the competitive barista profession and enter a job ready to hit the ground running

Barista Course

1-Day Barista Course

STC barista courses are conducted in one day and only cost $145 with same-day certification upon completion of the course. It takes 5.5 hours to learn the vocabulary, get familiar with the equipment, and gain Nationally Accredited certification in:

  • SITHFAB005 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

Highlights Of The Course

Our Basic Barista course will teach participants skills in the following areas:

  • Food Safety
  • Coffee-Making Organisation in a Busy Cafe Environment
  • Coffee Machine Operations
  • Serving, Pouring & Presentation of Coffee
  • Cleaning & Maintaining a Commercial Espresso Machine

Not only do you need to know how to make great coffee, but you must also know the difference between all the coffee types. You also need to know how to handle food safely and hygienically. To be an awesome barista, you also need exceptional organisation, and time management skills in a busy café environment. Then you need to know how to clean, maintain, and troubleshoot your commercial, industrial coffee machine at the end of each day.

Advanced Latte Art Barista Course

Have you ever wanted to know how barista artists design all those amazing artworks on the top of your coffee creations?

You too can learn the skills and be shown the advanced side of being a barista on the next level with our advanced Latte Art Barista Course. Latte Art is a two-hour complete guide to creating amazing latte artwork. It’s ideal for qualified baristas, restaurateurs, café owners and home baristas who want to brush up on their cafe artwork topper skills.It is the perfect addition to your already gained certification as a basic barista. Read our what is a Barista style coffee article to get into detail on this topic.

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We are sure you do! Read how to clean a coffee machine and how to get a job as a Barista in Brisbane, best coffee machine, topics to enhance your general understanding and knowledge of the barista industry. The more you know, the better the barista you will become!